The sleep of reason produces monsters.
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About: Bautizada bajo el nombre de Genesis y privilegiada de tener 20 años de vida. Nacida y criada en la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Bienvenidos :)

I have been given the name of Genesis and been priviliged to live 20 years. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Welcome :)

Alimenta la curiosidad./Feed your curiosity.

I have another blog "Journey to the Center". It's where I'll keep my writing and such. There are extra stuff like some vlogging, a weekly post of Hows life and many other stuff to get to know me better.Wanna join me on that adventure, well then click on the link below and enjoy the ride.


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    The greatest Margaery—nay, the greatest Game of Thrones fanmix ever to exist.

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Do they take requests 


    Do they take requests 

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    Bliss Belle Buttercup Davis

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    Wait do American people not call their friends mate?? Is this a thing???

    Yup. I’m sure some do but mostly people just say friend. Which is boring but whatever.

    Wait so you go up to your friends and be like “Hello friend.”

    we use names

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    When you already own a video game but you still pick it up and look at it whenever you’re in the store just because you love it and it means so much to you and you’d buy it 3000 times if you could.

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    Jack Gleeson, though, deserves so much praise for the work he’s done on this show. Honestly, he gave such vivid life to this character, and made us hate him even more. Seriously, bravo Jack, amazing work. 

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    “LOOK THE PIE!” —Margaery Tyrell (Best Line ever on Game of Thrones)

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    we all knew this post was coming

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    I’m sorry but this needed to brought back…

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